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8 SEO Tips You Most Begin With As a Starter to Archive Maximum Result

8 SEO Tips For Starters

Hi guys,

welcome to today’s post. Let me start by saying a big thank you to everyone that emailed me asking for more information about my last post, It feels good to know that the last post was helpful. Today I will be looking at "8 SEO tips for starters". These tips will help SEO starters achieve a better result.

Website Speed

Tip 1: Your website must be fast. The speed of your website contributes in making sure that your site ranks high on search sites. This is necessary to give searchers fast and accurate information. Visitors appreciates site with good speed. It also determines how long a visitor stays and navigates round your website, if it is very slow they will want to leave your website as soon as possible. 

Internal Links

Tip 2: Use internal links on your website. Internal links are good ways to optimise your website. This can be done by  linking a page to another page on the same website with related topic. This should be done using the keywords or article title.

Image Optimisation

Tip 3: Optimise your images. Images if well used can be a good SEO tool to help drive traffic to your website. A way to do this is to make sure the image name and Alt text are the same with your keyword. Please note that the size of your image must not be too heavy to anable quick loading of the web page.

Clear URL

Tip 4: Make the URLs of all the pages on your website easy to understand for visitors and search engines. Do not use urls that are not clear e.g www.solutionspurs.com/8seotipsforstarters/  instead use www.solutionspurs.com/8-seo-tips-for-sterters.

Unique Page Title

Tip 5: Make sure that every page title is describing the content of the page and must be unique. Do not use long page titles, always keep it short at all time.

Specific Website Content

Tip 6:  Your website should be about one thing only. It makes it easy for search engines. Do not try to do many businesses on the same website. If you most do other things on your website then they must be related.

Connect With Other Sites

Tip 7: Try to get other website linked to your website. This is important in SEO. It also makes your site popular online.

Good Content

Tip 8: Finally you most try as much as you can to have a good content at all times. It is very important. It makes visitors come back again to your site and after some time you will gain popularity.

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