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Article Writing or Bum Marketing

Article Writing or Bum Marketing

Article writing is now the most used form of internet marketing, it is a good way to sell your product, services or  get traffic to your site, in fact, it is so good that it now has another name called “Bum Marketing”.

 What is Bum Marketing?

Article Writing or Bum Marketing as its now called is simply the act of writing an article on a very good niche for submission to article directories, in order to get people to your own site. 

Before we continue, remember that you need to understand what a good niche is before you proceed with your first article, if you do not understand what a niche is, please visit “Niche Marketing Development Strategy” on my blog to get a vivid understanding how to create a super niche. Ok. let’s proceed.

 Once your niche is ready then you can start writing your article, but always remember that you do not need to be a perfect writer to begin, all you need is to make sure that you article makes sense. When you are done writing, you can submit your write-up to any only article directory.
If you article makes sense people will be more interested in what you have to say. I usually recommend posting your article on a forum, because people visit forums daily to get information and who knows someone might just be looking for the information contained in your article.  

The great thing about article writing is that the more articles you write with a good niche the more your online presence increases, So if you are thinking of having a good online presence then start writing lots of articles and before you know it your presence will be felt online.

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