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Best Internet Advertising Strategies?

A friend of mine who runs a small business in town, called me over the phone to give him the best internet advertising method that will help grow his business online. I simply told him that there is no such thing as “best internet advertising method”, for a moment he was silent, I am sure he would be thinking that I do not want to help him out. So I went further by explaining to him that there are several factor that determines the result of an online ad campaign such as niche, location, target market, etc. It is this factors that can help him know what type of advertising method to use. As a beginner, he may not really know what advertising method is the best for his product until he has tried them. When I was done with the explanation he understood better and we scheduled to meet for further coaching.


Let’s see an example. Google pay per click ads is known as one of the best forms of internet advertising, but if I use a very highly competitive niche like “Daily Income” to advertise a daily income product on Google pay per click, I will have lots of competition hence my cost per click will be very high. This will increase my chances of losing money with this form of adverting because of my highly competitive niche.

On the other hand, if I decide to use the same platform for a low competitive niche like “Brown Sugar”, I may make some good amount of money because my cost per click will be low. (But do not go for niches that the competition is too low.)   

It is important that you do your homework, to know which advertising methods best suit your niche. Do not assume that a particular advertising method will work for you simply because they have worked for someone else. Take time to make good research before you begin and you will be glad you did.


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