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Best internet Marketing Details And Methods For Businesses

Internet Marketing Details and Methods

In the past I have treated this topic but not in details, today I decided to take out time to really talk about internet marketing and the methods you can use to grow your business online.

What is internet marketing?

Just like the name, internet marketing simply means the promotion of products or services on the internet. Promoting your business online is a great way to expand your business both local and internationally. The great news is that the internet is still one of the cheapest means of marketing and with the widest coverage. Every year billions of Dollars are made through this medium of marketing and companies all over the world take this method of advertising seriously because it is highly efficient, can be done with little expenses and monitored from any were.

What are the methods of internet marketing?

There are many methods, some you may know already and some you might not have head off.   But today I will be talking about the key ones that can help you boost your business online. Please note, that some may look alike but they have their different purpose, so you most carefully try to understand each method based on its purpose.

Social Media Networks

In recent times, the social media platform has dominated the top internet activity list. This is due to the fact that millions of people and businesses all over the globe now want to connect with friends, family, customers etc. via the internet. This has made this method of internet marketing very lucrative both for the owners and users. Social networks are great ways to connect with a specific target audience in other to grow your business. Most social networking platform offers paid advertising, that gives you the opportunity to promote your product and services to a wider audience. Below are some social networking sites you can use for the promotion of your business online.

Email Marketing

This is a very good method of internet marketing that involves the sending of business promotion information through email. This method of internet marketing is tailored to target a specific customer group or interest. Below are examples of some of the most used email marketing platform.

    Campaign Monitor


Blogs are good ways to get your business content to thousands of readers daily. People visit blogs daily to get good information about a particular topic or interest. You can create a blog to promote your business online through any of the platforms listed below.


Pay par Click Advertising

Today search engines are used by many people to locate a specific website or keyword of specific information. However it’s not every website that gets good visibility on search engines, this is due to low page ranking on the search result. This problem can be solved by placing an advert with search engine companies, to allow you rank at the top of the result page so that you can get a good amount of traffic to your website. Below are some search engine platforms that you can advertise with.

  •     Bing Ads
  •     Google Ad words

Bulk SMS Marketing

This an internet marketing method that allows you send bulk SMS to your client's phone via a website portal. This method is highly efficient and affordable compared to the normal mobile phone SMS cost. There are many platforms online that offer this service.

RSS Feeds

This method of internet marketing is used to send information such as new post, website update to your website subscribers. You can also use this tool to publish your content to other related website or social media platforms. Below is an example of RSS Feed platform


Search Engines

Today, search engine account for the majority of traffic to websites all over the internet. Hence, the need to rank high on search result pages is very important to website owners. Search engine optimization is very necessary to have a good ranking. One of the ways to optimize your website for search engines is to submit your site to search engines via a webmaster tool. This enables the search engine to crawl your website. Below are some search engine webmaster tools you can use to begin the process of optimization.

  •     Google Webmaster tool
  •     Bing Webmaster tool

What are the Advantages of Internet Marketing?

  •     High interactivity
  •     Unlimited Audience
  •     Progress is easy to track
  •     Risk is very low
  •     Low cost compared to offline marketing

What are the disadvantages of internet marketing?

  •     Security / privacy issues
  •     Periodically maintenance cost due to upgrades
  •     Increase in price competition
  •     Highly dependent on technology


Please not, despite its insecurity and privacy issues, Internet market steal offers the best methods that can grow your business online. Aside the methods I have listed above there are still other methods you can get online that can help you fast track your business growth.

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