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Understanding Native Advertising, The Old Secrete Of Digital Marketing

Native Advertising Details

Over the years, Native advertising has been used by many organizations to directly or indirectly promote their business online. This method of advertising is very effective as it is tailored to fit the original structure of the website or media platform. Some people consider this form of advertising as deceptive because it is usually disguised and not clearly defined as an advertisement. Today we will take a look at this form of advertising and how you can take good advantage of it to promote your business online.

What is Native advertising?

Native advertising is an informal type of advertising usually disguised and tailored to fit the platform on which it is being displayed. This simply means adverts that the content is created to match the platform that it will be displayed e.g. articles. Though this form of advertising may be considered as disguised and deceptive but it is still considered legal in most countries.

What are the forms of Native Advertising?

 There are various mediums of native advertising available both offline and online. In recent time the internet has transformed native advertising, dishing out effective and record breaking result like never before seen on any other platform.

Offline forms of Native Advertising

  •     Commentary
  •     Music
  •     Videos
  •     Articles etc.

 Online forms of native Adverting.

  •     Promoted tweets on twitter
  •     Native Search Ads
  •     Blog Post
  •     News feeds ads
  •     Videos ads etc.

What are the Advantages of Native Advertising?

    The major advantage of this form of advertising is that it gets a better attention from people because it is disguised as part of the original content of the platform.
    Another advantage of native advertising is that advertisers can use the goodwill or respect of the displayed platform to gain trust from potential customers or target audience.

In conclusion, native advertising is a very good form of advertising with great potential. However in other to achieve good result before you start up you native advertising campaign, try to know the goodwill, credibility and respect the platform has over time. Never assume that all any kind of platform will work for your business try to make some research on native advertising platforms that your business can best fit in. I hope today's post has been educating, join me tomorrow for another interesting topic have a great day.

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