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Understanding The power of Website Traffic Stats

Website Traffic Stats

What is Website Traffic Stats?

Website traffic stats are real time statistics of your website traffic. It is an important internet marketing tool that help you track your website visitors. 
Website traffic stats provides you with information such as, where you traffics are coming from, number of site visitors daily, number of unique visitors, and so on. This information gives you a vivid knowledge of how good your internet marketing tools are doing and  helps you to plan on ways to grow your online business.

As a professional, before you pay for a web hosting account you most find out if your hosting company offers a website traffic stats. AWstats, is the most common website traffic stats that is used by many professional hosting companies. Awstats gives you the basics website traffic stats information that you will need as an internet marketer.


It is advisable that you visit your website traffic stats daily to get daily information of traffics to your website. I recommend that you set a monthly traffic goal that you most achieve using your internet marketing tools every month. This ensures the growth of your website traffic monthly.

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