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All You Need To Know About Advocate Marketing and Steps To Start with.

All You Need To Know About Advocate Marketing and Steps To Start with

In the world of business today, it is highly necessary for businesses to explore every available medium of marketing that can help drive business growth. Today, involving your loyal customers in your marketing campaign to help drive business growth is highly necessary, this is because loyal customers understand, loves and values your business, they can also be an advocate for your business. Using advocate marketing to drive business growth is highly efficient if it is done the right way. Today we will be answering some of the likely questions you may have on advocate marketing, the goal as usual on is to give a clear understanding of each targeted titles.

What is advocate marketing?

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Advocate marketing involves motivating an identified loyal customers to tell others about your product or services. This group of people can be referred to as brand advocates. They devote their time, talent, and most times reputation, to promote a particular brand.

What is an advocate marketing program?

An advocate marketing program is a platform designed to ensure an effective advocate marketing process for a brand or organization.

Can advocate marketing be done online?

 In recent times, one of the most used medium for advocate marketing is the internet. The internet offers a great way for advocate markers to talk about brands and the pleasant experience they have had with the brand to a larger audience. The social media helps advocates to reach a larger audience in a short period of time, hence making it one of the most efficient medium for advocate marketing.

How can I find an advocate for my brand?

  •  One of the simple ways to find an advocate for your brand is to locate customers who are satisfied with your product or services, or customers who talk good about your business. These set of people are likely to recommend your product to others because they love and value your product.
  • Another way to find an advocate is via the Social Medias. This can be done by tracking people who say good things about your product online, via likes, comments or share your post on social medias.
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What is the difference between advocate marketing and influencer marketing?

 Influencer marketing and advocate marketing are two entirely different types of marketing. Advocate marketing involves motivating your loyal customers to tell others about your product or services, while influencer marketing focuses on finding influencers to help drive your brand's message to a large audience.

What are the steps to start an advocate marketing program for my Brand?

  •  Locate your advocates. You can simply follow the simple ways mention earlier to located good advocates for your brands. Make sure that you carefully select people with genuine interest in your brand.
  • Develop a program. When you have identified your advocates the next step is to develop an advocate marketing program that will be of good benefit to both your advocates and your brand. Remember that your program must benefit both parties to ensure the smooth running of the program.
  • Bring your advocates in. The next step is to bring in your selected advocate marketers. This involves talking to them first about how you have noticed their love for your brand. After that, you can go ahead to tell them about your intention to have them as advocates.
  • Keep them engaged. The secret to sustaining an advocate marketing program is to keep your advocate engaged. Your advocates can be engaged through a constant update on product information, providing training for them, and most importantly celebrating their success periodically.

What are the Advantages of advocate marketing?

  •  Advocates influence opinions and purchases of people.
  •  Advocates have a broad reach.
  • Advocate marketing creates credibility for your brand.
  • Advocates are brand loyalist hence they remain your customers.
  • Both parties will benefit from the program.

 What are the disadvantages of advocate marketing?

  •  Both parties may disagree from time to time.
  • Bad behavior or dishonesty among any of the advocate may tarnish the brand’s image.
  • Decision making is slow because every member must be carried along.


 Advocate marketing is a good marketing strategy to apply to your business, it may not necessary be the best both it is surely a good strategy. Follow the steps I have mentioned earlier to start a good advocate marketing program and I am sure you will thank me someday. If this topic has been helpful please leave your comment bellow. Have a great day.


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