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Understanding Influencer Marketing And Steps To Start An Efficient Influencer Marketing Campaign For Your Brand.

Understanding Influencer Marketing And Steps To Start An Efficient Influencer Marketing Campaign For Your Brand.

Have you ever tried to promote a particular product or service online and felt like no one is listening because you did not get any “comment” or “likes” for the promotion? If you had ever experienced such, I am sure it was not a good moment for you. The truth is, the reason why you did not get any feedback or likes was simply because you do not have an influence over the people you were promoting the product to.  Influencer marketing is a new type of internet marketing that is fast spreading all over the web and companies that understand this new method of internet marketing are taking good advantage of it. As usual on this blog, we will be looking at some likely questions you may have on influencer marketing. The goal at the end is to give you a clear understanding of what influencer marketing is all about.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing that uses key leaders or influencers to drive a brand's message to a larger audience. The influencer or key leaders are paid or motivated to carry a brand’s message to a larger audience where they have a good influence.

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                                                       Understanding Influencer Marketing

What are the mediums of marketing used by influencers?

There are two major mediums of marketing that are used online by influencer marketers to drive a brand's message. These mediums are social media marketing and content marketing.

Social Media Marketing: On this medium of marketing, the influencer is expected to have a large amount of audience inform of followers, friends, connection, likes etc. The influencer is also expected to have had a good social relationship with followers over time in other to build trust. With this qualities, it is easy for the brands message to be passed across to the audience and hence yield a maximum result.

Content Marketing: bloggers are popular users of this medium to promote brands in form of posted article or product review. All the brand’s owner need to do is provide the blogger with a vivid information of what they really want the post to achieve and the blogger goes ahead to create an article content to drive home the message to his or her loyal readers.

What is the difference between influencer marketing and Advocate Marketing?

Influencer marketing and advocate marketing are two entirely different types of marketing. Influencer marketing focuses on finding influencers to help drive your brand's message to a large audience while advocate marketing involves motivating your loyal customers to tell others about your product or services.

How can I start an efficient influencer marketing campaign for my brand?

The first step to take is to locate an influencer, this could be very tricky because not everyone that that has large followers on the social media or blog really has an influence. The best way to solve this tricky challenge is to visit an influencer platform where you can choose from a list of tested and trusted influencers.  Below are some good influencer marketing platform where you can locate an influencer.
The second step is to create a marketing campaign under your chosen influencer. Most influence offers good and efficient ways to create a campaign with an influencer.
The third step of creating an influencer marketing campaign is to track the success. Most influencer platform provides you with a good analytic interface to enable you track the progress of your campaign.

What are the advantages of influencer marketing?

  • Low maintenance cost
  • It creates credibility for your brand
  • It saves work time
  • Expands your reach
  • High brand awareness 

What are the disadvantages of influencer marketing?

  • It requires advanced tracking tools
  • It takes time to yield good result
  • It requires extensive research before starting
  • Your identity may not be known with the brand


The advantages of using an influencer to promote your products online clearly outweigh the disadvantages as long as you are using a good influencer. Before paying an influencer take sometime to check his or her previous success records to be sure you are on the right track. For more information please mail me at or leave a comment below.

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