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Understanding Web Analytics And How To Know The Best Web Analytic Tool For Your Business

 Understanding Web Analytics

The web will not be complete without a proper means of measurement and analysis that will help us to better understand the web. Since the invention of the web, stakeholders and professionals in the web business are constantly looking for ways to better understand and analyze the web to improve web usage experience. Today we will be looking at web analytics and likely questions you may have in mind.

 What is Web Analytics?

Web analytics simply means the collection of user’s behavior datas on the web to further improve the usage and experience of users. Web analytic datas are usually displayed in graphs, charts or tables. This helps to give the viewer an in-depth understanding of the information.

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                                                       Understanding Web Analytics


What are the Informations Contained in a Web Analytic Result?

There are various information that can be found in web analytic result, the result of a web analysis can also be tailored to suit the specific information that the user needs. Below are some basic information you can find on a web analytic result.
  • Visitors Location
  • Time of visit
  • Pages visited
  • Total number of page views
  • Total number of traffic
  • Traffic referral URL etc.

What are Web Analytic tools?

This are automated tools used to perform web analysis with ease. These tools comes with different functions and features to enhance user’s experience. Some of these tools are free. Below are some of the most popular web analytic tools available.

How Do I Know The Best Web Analytic Tool For My Business?

I usually recommend google analytic tool especially for starters, not just because it is free but because it is one of the best web analytic tool available. But for those who want to go the extra mile, you can try out other paid analytic tool that has extra information that can give you an edge over your competitors. Just remember that the features must be tailored to suit your business need.

What Are The Advantages Of Web Analytic?

  • It gives you an idea of what your customer need
  • Give you an idea of how long visitors stay on the site
  • Helps you to know the source of your customers
  • Helps to know the level of marketing/advertising effectiveness
  • Provides you with accurate bounce rate so you can know where you are losing visitors.
  • Helps to improve general business decision.

What are the Disadvantages of Web Analytics?

  • It takes time to understand how to analyze the data.
  • Some results are not 100% correct


In other to monitor your business growth it is highly necessary that your website analytic tools are up and running. Always ensure that your web analytic tool has all the function features necessary to equip you with the right information to drive business growth. 

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