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How to Us the Social Media to Drive Business Growth without Spending Money


With the birth of the internet came a lot of opportunities online and one of them is the social media. In recent times, the social media platform has dominated the top internet activity list. This is due to that millions of people and businesses all over the globe now want to connect with friends, family, customers etc. via the internet. Social media platforms are very lucrative both for the owners and users. It is also a great way to connect with a specific targeted audience in other to grow your business.  We will be looking at how to use social media to drive business growth. As usual on, I will be answering all the likely questions you may have as regards the above topic.

What really is social media?

Social media is an online platform created for the purpose of sharing information, interest, ideas etc. with a virtual community. It can also be called a place for networking with a public or private circle.

What are the best social media platforms that I can promote my business for free?

There are many social media platform on the internet that offers excellent features for business promotion, but I recommend
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What are the steps I need to take as a beginner?

To grow your business online using social media there are few steps to follow;

  • The first thing to do is to find out which platform has more of your target audience. Sometimes the best way to find out is to join the platform. 
  • Open an account with any of the platform. Immediately your account is ready, you must begin to build the account. This involves sharing of information related to your business on the platform to build people's interest.
  • Connect with one or more influencers. Influencers are key leaders on social media with larger audience. These people may be bloggers or journalist with large followers. Share their post, like their comment and develop a good relationship with them. They may return the favor sooner or later.
  • Once you have good number of connections or friends, you can begin to find your audience. This can be done by tracking down people who are talking about topics related to your business or hanging out on group chat with related topic to your business. Websites like FollowerWonk can help you track related topics.
  • Once you have settled into a group chat, you most introduce your product or service systematically, do not be too forward, make sure you do not talk about yourself and your product every time you are in the group. After a while people will naturally build trust over your business and the sales will increase.
  • A quick way of making good sales on social media is via posting of product information in form of shared post or status update. However this method is not as efficient as getting to know the client first.
  • With your experience from the first attempt, you can follow the same process in other social media account.


Please note that the process may take some time to master, but it is definitely worth the trial. Once you have settled into a group chat you most introduce your product or service systematically so that you do not disturb the main function of the group. For more information on how to grow your business online please email me


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