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Understanding the Great Power of Image Centric Marketing to Drive Business Growth

Understanding the Great Power of Image Centric Marketing to Drive Business Growth

An image speaks a thousand clear words, and its powers know no bounds. Research has also shown that images are processed in the human brain faster than words. Using images as a medium of communication is a great method that has been on for centuries and has yielded great result over the years. Till date professionals still use this medium to pass across a messages to large audience because it commands attention and easy to comprehend. Millions of people over the internet use images to simply tell a story or show off their mode on social medias, if this could work for them, then it can also work for your business.  Today on I will be taking you through this powerful method of internet marketing and I hope you will make good use of it to drive business growth.

What is Image Centric Marketing?

Image centric marketing can simply be defined as the act of using customized images to promote your goods or service on the internet.

Why must I consider image Centric Marketing as part of my marketing campaign?

Image centric marketing is a better means of communicating with your target audience online, this is because humans are naturally attracted to images due to it's beauty and uniqueness. People are likely to read a story if it comes with an attractive image.

How do I know if my image is good enough?

There are few steps you can take to attain good success with your image
•Your images must relate with the product or services you are offering.
•Your images should be authentic and customized for your product.
•Images must be placed in a position where it is most visible and attractive.
•Image must be understandable at a glance.

What are the platforms for image Centric Marketing?

There are many platforms for image centric marketing such as blogs, website, social medias etc. However, the social media clearly is the leading and most effective for image centric marketing, this is because of the readily available audience.

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What are the advantages of image centric marketing?

There are many advantages that an image can add to your marketing campaign to help boost the overall result.
•Images are more attractive than just using mere words and test for your adverts.
•It adds  some spice to your campaign.
•It helps to boost SEO.
•Images can describe your product or services better than words.


There have never been a better time to try image centric marketing than now. With the help of social media you can capture the attention of a large audience turning them into leads if you use the right images. Take some time to map out a good strategy on how your images can best work for you and you will be glared you did.

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