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5 Digital Marketing Content Rules

Content marketing has remained at the top as one of the internets must valuable form of marketing. There are 5 digital marketing content rules that have continued to yield better result over time which makes it a top choice among digital marketers.  Using content marketing to generate leads is a very good choice for marketers, but there are certain rules that must be put into consideration to make it effective. These rules are very simple and can easily be followed by anyone who understands the basic rules of writing an article. Today we will be looking at 5 digital marketing content rules to make your content remained at the top as one of the must valuable online content.

Rule #1: You content must be readable.

There are many contents out there on the internet that lacks the basic writing characteristics that make it readable. Content must contain some key features that make it easy to read. Such as;
  • Good font/color
  • Correct spelling
  • Bulleting /numbering
  •  Headers
  • Focused writing style


Rule #2: Your content must be understandable.

The second rule in the  5 digital marketing content rules is that your content must be very easy to comprehend by any reader.  The secret here is to write your content with simple and regular words, this makes it understandable. Try not to use industrial terms, and if you must use it, please explain the meaning.  Below are other factors that make your content understandable.
  • Apply standard reading level
  • Use the best content type
  • Always summarise
  • Information must be valuable


Rule #3: Your content must be discoverable.

No matter how good a content is, if it does not reach its target audience, it will not yield a good result. You must add the necessary SEO factors that will make your content more visible to your target audience. Below are some SEO measures to take into consideration;
  • Data tags including Description, title, and category
  • Inbound links
  • Alt. tags
  • H1-H6 tags


Rule #4: Must contain call-to-action.

Call-to-action is one of the most important parts of our 5 digital marketing content rules. The goal of every content is to get the target audience to take an action, so you must place your call-to-action elements in a very visible position. Below are some likely call-to-action tools you can use for your content.
  • Share button
  • Subscription  form
  • Comment box
  • Links to other content


Rule #5: The last rule is to make sure that your content is recommendable.

 This will ensure the spread of your content on the internet for a long time. Remember that it is much easier for people to accept you content via a recommendation from a person they know, than for you to convince them. A good way to get recommendation is to ask your audience to share the content if they find it valuable.

Conclusion on 5 digital marketing content rules.

A good content has the power to turn around the fortune of your business, These 5 digital marketing content rules we discussed today is guaranteed to give you an edge. it is good that you spend some good time to make adequate research on content that you dish out to the public. Always pay good attention to little details like fonts, color and images as these are primary things that compel a reader to continue reading your content.

If you find this information useful to someone you know, please do not forget to share.


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