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6 Best Native Advertising Formats You Must Know For Your Digital Campaign

6 Best Native Advertising Formats You Must Know For Your Digital Campaign

Native advertising has become increasingly important as digital advertisers do prefer it than other forms of advertising online. Other forms of advertising like banners are becoming largely ineffective as website visitors now ignore some of this ads and the only way out is to go back to the good old native advertising. Today I will be looking at 6 best native advertising formats that you can use to make your digital advertising campaign more effective. If you need more information on native advertising please visit my earlier post “Understanding Native Advertising, The Old Secrete Of Digital Marketing” to learn more.

#1:  Promoted listing ads: This is a form of native ad that is commonly found in e-commerce and classified listing websites like OLX, Jiji, Amazon etc. it involves paying for a prominent position on a listing website to make your ad more visible to the audience. It is relatively more affordable than placing a banner ad on the same website.

#2:  In-ad with native element units: This is an ad that is located in or near and organic content but links to an outside website.  This is usually in form of an image and sometimes timed for just a few seconds before disappearing.  In-ad with native element units is usually found in video websites like YouTube.

#3:  Paid search unit:
This is one of the most popular forms of native advertising it is located in-line with order organic content. In-feed unit ads are found on search engine results in-line with other related results of a particular searched word e.g Google Search

Example of Paid Search Unit On Google

#4: Recommendation widgets:
these are simply ads that show links to advertiser’s content.  They are usually located in the side bars of a website or feeds. Recommendation widgets are found in blogs and other news related websites

#5:  Customer ads unit. These are native ads that are tailored  for a specific website. They are unique in look and style but blends in with the design of the website.

#6: In-feed unit: This is an ad that is found with other organics content in a website. The ad is designed to make visitors believe that it is part of the site content e.g.  A product review on a blog with related content is a perfect In-feed unit.


A study has shown that native advertising has more click through rate that any other forms of internet advertising, this is why more professionals are and advertising platforms are focusing on using and improving native advertising to yield business growth.  If you are only focused on using banner ads to promote your product online, you are surely missing out. For more information please mail me or leave a comment below.

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