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Why You Must Add Paid Advertisement To Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Why You Must Add Paid Advertisement To Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Friends and small business owners often ask me how they can advertise on the internet for free and still get good result. Some even promise to pay me, if I can show them free ways to advertise online that is effective. The truth is that there are many ways to advertise on the internet for free but it depends on how far you want your advert to go. The internet have grown to be one of the most promising place to advertise your product and services, but to achieve maximum result it must come with a cost. Today I will be looking at reasons why paid advertisement is way better and more effective than the free ones all over the internet.

What is online paid advertisement?

Paid advertisement is any type of advertisement you have to pay for, in other to advertise your product on the internet. These adverts may come in form of banners, posted article, product review etc.

Why must I add paid advertising to my digital ad campaign?

Today, most people think of the social media as the best place to advertise their products and services for free on the internet. However not so many people know that most social media companies like Facebook are gradually reducing the number of organic advert reach. Few years ago, Facebook post reach was about 16% of you total followers, but now the post reach is around 2%. Facebook has said that businesses should expect their total post reach to eventually drop to 0%. This is a deliberate attempt by Facebook to boost its paid advertising. Who would blame them, after all it cost a lot to keep up the platform.  So to achieve better result, you must supplement your free post with paid ads.

What are the advantages of paid advertisement?

Full control of your ads. Paid advertising offers the opportunity for you to have good control of your advertisement. You will be able to control features like the specific area you want to target, the age circle you want to target, what time of the day you want your ads to display etc.

Ads are measurable. You can measure the effectiveness of your ads through the analytic tools that most ad companies offer. This helps you to have a vivid knowledge of how successful you ad campaign is doing.

Wide range of audience. In order to meet the requirement of your total number of clicks, most online ad platform show your ads to a wide range of audience. Although you only get leads from clicks, this however is a good advantage for you because many people will get to know about your brand even if they do not click your ads.

How can I know which paid ad platform is the best for my business?

Most paid advertising platform that offer audience targeting features are good for any business, because they allow you to target your audience. However if you are using a social media platform you should make sure that the platform has a good number of your target audience. Example, if i want to run an ad campaign for a service that is needed by professionals, the best place to do so will be on Linkedin.com. This is because LinkedIn is the largest online community for professionals. 


Depending on free form of advertising to promote your business on the internet is a good choice if you are just starting up with limited resources, but if you are looking to have great result that can turn your business around, then you must supplement your free ads with paid ads.
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