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Basic Success Principles of Digital Video Marketing You Must Know


A video is an engaging way for brands to show customers what they have to offer and it has become an important part of digital marketing. Many successful companies use principles of digital video marketing to sell their companies’ products, services and ideas to the public in form of tutorials or product overview. For a growing business video marketing can be a great way to get great marketing leads. However, a good result can only be guaranteed if it is done the right way.  Today, on, I will be answering some of the likely questions you might have on the principles of digital video marketing.

What is digital video marketing?

Video marketing is the art of using video as, or part of you marketing campaign to promote your brand, product or services. This form of digital marketing is very effective as it gives the audience the opportunity to see convincing pieces of information like images, testimonials etc.

What are the principles of digital video marketing?

#1: Strategy

 Just like every marketing principles, a strategy is an important part of video marketing.  You must create a tailored strategy for your videos, this ensures that your video delivers a maximum result, and will boost your overall digital marketing campaign. Below are some of the areas that must be included in your strategy, to maximize the result. 
  •  Target Audience
  •  Location
  • Product type
  • Promotional coast
  •  Content
  • Timing etc.

#2: Content Mapping

Now that your strategy is in place, what must follow is to map out a good video content. Your content should have detailed information of the product or services that you are promoting over the internet.  Another key fact when planning your content is to engage your viewers. Studies have shown that videos with more engaging content get more leads than others that don’t.  Below are some factors to put into considerations while mapping out your content.
  • Creativity
  •  Great music
  • Engaging visuals
  • Testimonials
  •  Comments
  • Feedback
  • Detailed but snappy information


#3: Video Promotion

Finally on principles of digital video marketing, with a good video, your next task is to promote it on the internet but it is not enough to place it on any video channel like YouTube.  They are certain things you must do to maximize audience view e.g. making sure that the title of the video has your relevant keyword.

I do not recommend placing your videos exclusively on video channels this is because must video channel will bring up other competitors videos as recommended video and this is not good for your business. So a good way to do this is to also embed the video on your website with the correct video markup language for SEO optimization.

The social media is another great place to promote your video. With the likes of Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat you can reach your targeted audience with a lot more ease.

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