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Best Online Viral Marketing Technique You Must Try

Best Online Viral Marketing Technique You Must Try

Viral marketing is an old form of internet marketing that is known to be effective if done properly. To have good success doing viral marketing online, you need to understand the techniques behind it. Today I will talk about three viral marketing techniques that can give you great result. They are “Free eBook”, "Forum" and “Social media” viral marketing. Over the years, these three forms of viral marketing have proven to be the best and professional internet marketers have used them to achieve great result.

What is viral marketing? 

 It is a marketing technique whereby brands' information is passed electronically from one Internet user to another, for the aim of promotion. The information could be about a product or service.

What is the eBook Viral Marketing?

The free eBook form of viral marketing involves the writing of an eBook that has links to your program and giving it out for free. The secret to this, is that after some time the eBook circulates around the internet and the links to your program will bring potential customers back to your website. However, it is very important that you create a good content and make sure that the links to your program are working perfectly. Companies like Hubspot use this method of viral marketing as part of their sales strategy.

What is Forum Viral Marketing?

 Free ebookThe second form of viral marketing is the forum viral marketing. I use this medium of viral marketing a lot and the result is great. The forum viral marketing is simply creating a product or a program with a name, and talking about it to few people or signing them up for free. These people go to different forums to also talk about the product to other people and bring them to your website via links. After a while the information about your product spreads and people will visit your website in good numbers. You may need to have a good strategy in other to get a potential client to your website. This is done with great caution to avoid spamming on the forum. My personal best forum Nairaland.

What is social media viral marketing?

 Free ebookThe social media viral marketing involves the use of influencers to promote goods and service via post update or product review.  This can be done by simply paying an influencer that has large followers and influence over the followers to share your content via posted update or product review.  Study shows that the use of influencer is the best  choice of viral marketing on social media. Some of the best social media platform for viral marketing are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat.


The impact of viral market on product promotion is huge, an can give you the desired lead you need. The best part is that it does not cost much and can circulate the internet much longer than paid ads. Feel free to try any of these methods of viral marketing and you will be glad you did. For more inquiries please mail me on [email protected] or leave a comment bellow.

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