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What You Must Do After Launching Your Ecommerce Website.


Launching an ecommerce website is the dream of every business minded store owner. An ecommerce is a platform for businesses to reach more prospective client and generate more sales via the internet.  But it is not enough to launch an e-commerce website, there are certain things that must be done to ensure a successful online store. Although some online ecommerce platform like Shopify guides you on what to do as a beginner, if you run your online shop with their platform, not every e-commerce platforms provides such insight.
Today we will look at those vital steps you must take to ensure that your online store gives you the much-needed business growth.

What Must I Do After Launching My Ecommerce Website?

Below are some of my recommended steps you must follow to ensure that your ecommerce website does not just promote your brand on the internet but also generate sales.

#1: Decide the best product category to promote.  Although your e-commerce website may have lots of product category it is important you know that not all category that will drive good traffic to your website. You must first decide the product category that is likely to generate more leads.  There are also some factors that you must consider when deciding the category for promotions.  These factors include;

  • Location:  You must know what sells best in a particular location. This helps to ensure that your product ads are reaching out to the people that need the product.  Example:  A local traditional clothing wears may sell more in its originated location than elsewhere in the world.

  • Season:  Study has shown that people’s decision to buy a particular product is highly influenced by the Season or a particular period of the year. Example:  An umbrella will sell more during the rainy season than the dry season, a winter jacket will also sell more during the winter season than the summer season.

  • Price: Price is a strong motivational factor when it comes to product sales both online and offline, people will always consider pricing before making a purchase.  Therefore you must make sure that your promoted product price is tailored to suit your targeted audience.  Example:  Advertising a cheap product in a location that is mainly occupied by low-income earners is a good choice.

#2: After you have decided the best product category to promote, the next step is to create a search engine marketing strategy to promote your selected category. When it comes to a search engine ads, it is important to note that both organic and paid search engine ads are  vital for maximum result. You must never rely only on organic search to get your target audience, this is because as a beginner it takes a while for your ecommerce website to rank on the first page of a search result. However, with paid search ads you can rank on the first page from the first day.

 Below are key factors to consider when creating both organic and paid search ads;

  • Paid Search Ads: To begin a paid search ad, perform a keyword search on topics related to the product category you have chosen. Using your keyword search result create a targeted Pay Per Click (PPC) ad campaign that will drive customers to your content page. Please, not that your content page must contain a Call To Action (CTC) button that contains a good action word like “Buy now” “Place Other” etc.

  •  Organic Search ads: Just like the paid search, keyword search must be carried out on topics related to the product category you have chosen to start with. Next is to create a good content using your keywords. After creating your content you will need to promote it using some of the available means of digital promotion. E.g. Social Medias, Influencers, interviews on blogs etc. The aim of the promotion is to create an engagement of your content on other platforms, this drives traffic to your website and makes it more valued to search engines. Please, note that to achieve good result using organic search ads you must have a good understanding of SEO and how to implement them. For a beginner guide, you can read Simple SEO Project For Starters and 8 SEO Tips For Starters.  


Ecommerce Website Conclusion

Owning and managing an ecommerce website as a beginner could be stressful, but this is no longer a problem as there are many e-commerce platforms on the internet that can help you organize and create a fantastic online store for your business. One of the best platforms is ShopifyShopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

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