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6 Steps To Creating A Perfect Online Brand Awareness


Creating brand awareness for your business online is a must in this digital era. Virtually everything in the world today has gone digital, your business must keep up with the trend in order to remain relevant.  Consumers now spend more time online than ever, so for your business to strive, you must consistently position your brand where it can be found always by your targeted audience through  regular brand awareness campaign. On Solution Spurs today, we will be looking at steps to creating a perfect online brand awareness for your business.

Why do I need an online brand awareness for my business?

I once meet with a business owner who needed my advice on how he can sell all his product on the internet in two weeks. After reviewing the product and asking some vital questions, I simply told him that he needs to start with an online brand awareness campaign. I could tell from his facial expression that he was not happy with my answer. That was because he was looking for an easy online sells method that will clear off the product from his warehouse in just 2 weeks. I went further by telling him that he may not achieve his sales target because the product is new in the market with little publicity. I tried explaining to him why he must adopt my strategy, which was to create an online awareness first for the product, but his mind was made up. Although I went home feeling bad that I could not help him, but I know I did the right thing as a professional.

My point is that experimentation is not an option for small businesses and startups. There are no shortcuts to huge success online.  Small businesses must learn to follow what works in order to achieve some level of success before experimenting.  Mega companies like Pepsi and Sony spend millions of dollars yearly on brand awareness despite their huge popularity. This is because they understand what brand awareness is, and the huge positive impact it will have on their sales.

What are the steps to create my brand awareness online?

Step 1: Identify your Audience and where to locate them online.
Step 2: Create an online content that explains your brand (e.g. Blogs, Videos etc.)
Step 3: Promote your content /brand (Both Paid and Free Ads)
Step 4: Offer free stuff/social media context
Step 5: Give your brand a face through a Brand ambassador (Optional)
Step 6: Engage with Influencers for more promotions


The steps above are great ways to create your brand awareness for an effective result.  Please note that for your brand to remain popular and fresh in the mind of your customers, you must practice the above steps at list once in a year.  For more information on brand awareness, please subscribe to this blog or send me an email ( requesting for a free eBook on brand awareness and I will forward it to your email .

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