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Best Growth Hacking Techniques For Your Online Business (Part 2)

Hi friends, I hope the first part of the growth hacking techniques  I posted yesterday was meaningful. Like I said yesterday that I will be posting the second part of the article today, so I will be talking about the remaining part. If you need further explanation please email me at . Without wasting much time lets dig in.

Gather as much email as you can

Now that you are getting good traffic from social media, your next target will be to collect their emails. I am sure someone may ask "why?". One of the most important reasons for collecting emails is because you can get the owners to come back to your website by emailing them. It is not so easy to get good ranking on Google search as a new website, but through email marketing, your site visitor could return through interesting email content you send to them.

Create a referral program

Referral programs are great for rapid traffic growth. Many internet companies have used this method to grow their audience. The good thing about  referral programs is that a huge chunk of the work is done by your website member.  Just make sure that the reward is worth their effort and you will see a good increase in site membership. E.g. refer 6 friends and get a free upgrade, is a nice program.

Involving  influencers is necessary for growth hacking

Influencers have a good amount of followers that have been following them for years and can help you drive good traffic to your website via their post. Although the use of influencers will surely drive traffic to your site, it is better to use influencers that are connected to your niche, so that you can have website visitors that are interested in your content.

Use Paid and organic Search ads

Over 60% of daily website visitors go through a search engine, with Google accounting for over 80% of the total search. Hence paid and organic search is a good way to drive visitors to your website. The only problem with paid search ads is that you may lose a lot of money if you do not know how to use keyword tools to get the best keyword for high click rate. You should not have any major problem with organic search visitors as long as you know how to follow the SEO rules.  Soon I will be sharing on this blog the best way to place paid search ads, stay tuned.

Optimize your website for speed

Do you know that one of the most important factors that affect conversion rate is website speed?  A visitor can easily be discouraged and navigate to another website if your site is too slow. It is also important to optimize your website for mobile.  Always check the weight of your pages to make sure it is not too heavy for browsers to download the contents.

Remarketing! Remarketing! Remarketing

Most times people do not catch the info at the first instant, it is natural. You must re-advertise to people who have visited your website before to help them learn more about your product or offers. Remarketing is one of the reasons why it is necessary to collect emails from you first timers, so that you can do a follow-up and help them take the decision to buy into your offers.

Involve the press to boost growth hacking

Involving the press to talk about your new site and it offers is another good growth hacking technique. This is because millions of people rely on press report to get the latest information on new product and services.  There are hundreds of good press website that can talk about your new site and help you drive traffic fast.

Finally, member’s satisfactions

Now that you have used some of the best growth hacking techniques to create a huge daily traffic to your site, the next stage is to retain them through making sure that their expectations are always meet. A simple way to do this is to always ask yourself if I was just a visitor to this website, why should I come back. If you can regularly answer this question sincerely and fix the challenges, then you can retain your traffic for a long time. Below are some good ways to retain your site members and earn new ones, after a successful growth hacking techniques;
  • Know what your visitors are expecting and provide them
  • Help them make informed decisions or make it easy for them to make decisions
  • Always make sure that must visitor that buy your online product are certified
  • Regularly conduct a customer survey test, to know what part of your service needs improvement
  • Always collect data. It helps you to stay ahead of your customers
  • Do not in any way act or place deceitful materials on your site

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