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Best Growth Hacking Techniques For Your Online Business (Part 1)


Today on Solution Spurs, we will be sharing some of the best growth hacking techniques that will help boost your online business. These tactics will not only bring out the best in you but also help you to get the best out of your online customers.  Both big and small online businesses all over the world have benefited from growth hacking techniques, making the phrase more popular on the internet every day. And if you have not tried some of the techniques I will be explaining on this post, then you are really missing out of a great growth opportunity.

Before I continue with the growth hacking techniques, permit me to first explain what growth hacking is all about for those who do not understand what growth hacking is. Please note that since the introduction of the phrase by Sean Ellis in 2010, there are thousands of definitions for growth hacking all over the internet. Infect some even contradict each other. I am not saying that any of them are wrong, it all depends on the understanding of the individual writer.  Haven said that let us proceed with my own understanding of what growth hacking is.

What is growth hacking?

Growth hacking is simply using informed online marketing techniques to grow your online user base rapidly over a period of time. (Usually a short period of time and involves new startups).

What are the best Growth Hacking techniques for online businesses?


Constantly create useful and shareable content

Content is highly important in digital marketing, this is because people are always looking for good quality information to help them make better decisions in life. However, it is not enough to share content without following rules below .
  1. Content must be of good quality
  2. Must be shareable
  3. Must be Useful to your readers
  4. Should Contain images for further explanation
  5. Must contain just a little advertising and marketing tools

Always share your content

Unlike a business shop or store along the street, no one can notice your website or blog(content) unless you share them through the social media or other platforms that attract website visitors.  You can integrate sharing apps that allow your site visitors to share you content on their social media walls by just a click of a button. Frequently hanging out in forums to discuss your content is a good idea. Another good idea is to integrate an auto-sharing app that frequently shares your content over the internet. E.g  HootSuite

Run a social campaign

People love free stuff. Regularly giving out some free item for a specific action by your audience on social media is a good strategy.  You will be amazed how many likes you will have if you decide to give out free Pen to the first 20 people to like your page in a particular week. This method of indirect advertising yields a better result than the traditional ones as long as you bring a valuable free item to the party.

Feature regularly as a guest on other sites or blogs

The good thing about featuring on other blogs is that you earn new traffic to your own website.  Aside that featuring on other blogs and websites increases your online popularity.  Take time to write good content and approach other bloggers for the chances to be a guest on their blogs. As long as you have a good content, never worry if you are rejected at first, simply move on to another blog.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Growth Hacking techniques for your online business.

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