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Digital Multichannel Marketing for Business growth


Doing business on the internet can be quite challenging and the only way to stay ahead of both customers and competitors is through the power of multichannel marketing. Digital multichannel marketing ensures that your prospective customers can buy your product seamlessly from any platform most convenient for them on the internet.  Although this approach to digital marketing is highly productive, many online business owners shy away from it because it is very challenging and requires good coordination of all channels that are involved.
Today I will be taking you through digital multichannel marketing and how to effectively use this approach of digital marketing to grow your business online.

What is digital multichannel marketing?

Digital multichannel marketing is the act of interacting with prospective or old customers across multiple digital channels with the aim to boost online sales.

Why do I need a digital multichannel marketing campaign?

  • Practicing digital multichannel marketing enables you to interact with your customers on various digital platforms making sure that your brand presence is widely known on the internet.  
  • Another reason is that maintaining a single channel of digital marketing could lead to failure as customers tend to move to newer channels for one reason or the other. But having your brand presence in multiple channels ensures that they will find you where ever they go online.

How do I run a digital multichannel marketing effectively?

Have a target audience

This first step of starting up a digital multichannel marketing is to have a target audience.  Once you have identified your target audience you should also map out the entire available platform where they can be fund online in order of importance. E.g. if my target audience is professionals, the platform I will consider first on the list would be LinkedIn. This is because LinkedIn has the largest number of professionals on the internet.

Create your multichannel marketing account and start your marketing campaign

When you are done with listing target audience your next task would be to start creating your multichannel marketing account. While creating your account on the platforms you must ensure that all or most of your account are synchronized with each other. E.g. if you are doing a non-paid campaign, connecting your Twitter account to your Facebook page to ensure your tweets are posted on your Facebook page whenever you post a tweet on twitter. This reduces the workload as you no longer need to post again on Facebook.

Create a consistent, unique and uniform customer experience across all channels

One of the factors of a good digital multichannel marketing is to have a consistent, unique and uniform customer experience across all channels. This ensures that your brand is easily recognized across all channels and also gives you and edge over your competitors.  E.g.  Your logo, color, slogan, prices etc. must be uniform across all channels you decide to use.

Use advanced online marketing tools to monitor and analyze performance simultaneously across all channels

The most challenging part of digital multichannel marketing is usually the monitoring and analyzing of your campaign performance simultaneously. However, there are third party tools that could help you achieve this. Some of these tools are free while others may charge a little for the service, whichever one you use, ensure that it has the ability to point out major data facts that you need to make better business decision.

  What is the Importance of digital multichannel marketing?

  • It generates Higher Revenue because multiple platforms are used to generate sales.
  • Helps to understand customers better through the use of multiple channels.
  • Creates brand awareness faster.
  • A lot of feedbacks that is generated helps the brand to manage result, sales and create good strategies.

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