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Effective Landing Page Designs Tips For Marketing Success

Effective landing page designs are very important to your digital marketing success, Landing pages are where your audience takes key decisions that determine if they are going to buy or subscribe to your product or service. It is not enough to have a landing page, it must have the features that are guaranteed to yield a good result.  It is also important to make your landing page designs as convincing and attractive as possible. Many online product marketers do not take this fact seriously, and they pay dearly for it by losing their hard earned leads, which is a big waste of effort.  Today on Solution Spurs we will look at the tips to creating an effective landing page designs.

Tips for an effective landing page designs.

Tip 1: Maintain a simple layout.

When creating your landing page design it is highly necessary to maintain a simple layout. This is because a clustered layout may confuse and mislead your site visitors. You should ensure a well-arranged text and images in a manner that is attractive, but yet simple to understand.

Tip 2: landing page designs must be brief with few elements

A landing page is not the page where you use too many design elements like  text, images and so on.  It must be brief and straight to the point. Avoid too many words that will make your site visitors read for long before taking an action. This may be discouraging to visitors.

Tip 3: Use a contrasting color for your Call-to-Action tools

A call-to-action tool is the most important element on a landing page.  For it to be highly effective, it must be unique and attractive. A study has shown that a call to action element with a good contrasting color yields 70% more result than a plane one.  The trick here is simply to use a color that is different from the page colors but compliment the design.

 Tip 4: Maintain your branding

Just like every page on your website, your landing page must carry the exact branding of your business especially the logo. This ensures that your website visitors know that they are connected to your brand even if the landing page is on an external URL.

Tip 5: Use real Images

A landing page must be as convincing as possible. It is advisable to always use real images that truly tell the story of your content instead of a false one.  This is because people are turned off when they notice that your image is not real or not connected to the product you are offering.

Tip 6:  Add a testimonial proof

Testimonial proofs are good for effective landing page designs. It helps the site visitors to gain more confidence in the product.  You can also boost visitor's confidence by adding the list of the total number of people that has bought or downloaded the same item.

Tip 7: Maintain a consistent landing page

Before you upload your landing page. It is important to cross-check for errors and make sure you are satisfied with the design. Although editing is allowed, it is not advisable to change the look and feel of your landing page consistently after it has been uploaded.

With the tips above, you can now create effective landing page designs that are sure to produce a good result. I truly hope that you will put them to good use.  Please do not forget to share this post, as someone in your circle may find it interesting. Have a great day.

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