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Steps To Effective Online Marketing For Small Businesses In 2017


As the year is gradually coming to an end, it is important for small businesses to focus on how to make the best use of the coming year. Today on Solution Spurs we will be looking at steps to effective online marketing for small businesses in 2017. We know that majority of our readers are small business owners and startups, so we have put together this post to help you get ready for the next business year. The steps mentioned in this post, are sure best practice that is guaranteed to yield a great result if done properly.

Step 1: Analyze your online marketing performance for the year 2016

It is important that you first do a good analysis of your online marketing performance for this year, pointing out the failures and successes you have encountered doing online marketing this year. This will help you to vividly understand what the task ahead will look like and how to strategize in other to achieve maximum result in 2017.

Step 2: Create your Keyword list

 Your next step will be to create a list of all the important keywords that are related to your business but have low competition. As a small business, it is important to look for long tail keywords. This is because most longtail keyword has low competition. Hence, a small business can rank high on such keywords easily.

Step 3: Create a great content

Your content is the key to success in online marketing. You must present your audience with good quality content that is sure to trigger an action.  But also remember that your content must not be all about your product, it should include good valuable information that will educate your audience but still maintaining your niche and focus.

Step 4: Optimize your content

Content optimization is very important when aiming for effective online marketing for small businesses. This is because it helps to improve organic traffic to your content. The aim of every SEO project is to drive traffic to your website via search engine results, so you must consider optimizing for search engines with higher traffic like Google and Bing.

Step 5: Going Social is important in effective online marketing for small businesses

The social media is a great way to connect with a specific targeted audience in other to grow your business.  There are many social media platform on the internet that offers excellent features for business promotion, but I recommend the best ones. They are;
For an effective online marketing for small businesses on social media, it is important to note that product or service must be introduced systematically. Do not be too forward, and make sure you do not talk about yourself and your product every time you are in the group. But rather, contribute and help the group while gradually introducing your content to the audience. After a while, people will naturally build trust over your business and you will gain more traffic.

Step 6: Connect with one or more influencers

Another important aspect of effective online marketing for small businesses is the engagement of influencers. Influencers are key leaders on social media with a larger audience. These people may be bloggers or journalist with large followers. Share their post, like their comment and develop a good relationship with them. They may return the favor sooner or later.

Step 7: Free give away

People are naturally attracted to free stuff. It is advised that once in a while you should give out items like eBook, coupon code or whatever you feel is a good motivation for your audience. This act helps to create audience loyalty which your business really needs.

Step 8: Position your Call-to-Action tools at the right places

The goal of creating a content is to get the target audience to take an action, so you must place your call-to-action elements in a very visible position. Sometimes you may need to offer free stuff to make your call-to-action tools attractive. Below are some likely call-to-action tools you can use for your content.
  • Share button
  • Subscription  form
  • Comment box
  • Links to other content

Step 9: Create a good landing Pag

A landing page is where your audience takes a key decision that determines if they are going to buy or subscribe to your product or service. It is important to make your landing page as convincing as possible, with a recap of the benefit they stand to gain. Also, make sure that you do not have lengthy forms or confusing words.

Step 10:Follow your marketing progress and wait for a good result.

Now that you have done everything necessary to guarantee an effective online marketing for small businesses, it is necessary that you track your progress to know how effective your keywords and other tools are doing. You may need to make changes once in a while based on the report from your tracking tools. Google analytics is a good online tracking tool you can integrate to help you with the tracking of your progress.
While you wait for a good result, it is important to note that great patience is required to see your success come through. You must not be discouraged or feel that you have wasted your time after a few period without good result.  Remain focused and you will surely hit success in 2017.

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